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Wild Women Frequently Asked Questions

What Category Do I Race In?

If this is your first race, you can check your category, which will take your Zwift ID and check your race history. Your category will not always align with ZwiftPower, so please use the tool.

If you have already completed a race in the current series, then you need to race in the category you finished in on ZwiftPower for your last race. You may choose to race in a higher category if you prefer, but you will not be able to race down a grade in later races. It is preferable to check results a day before entering, as results may not have been finalised. You can check the Wild Women Facebook Page for news on race results.

What About Upgrades?

If you end up being upgraded in a race, you will score points in the upgraded category. 50% of points you have accumulated prior will be carried over.

However, you must start the race in the correct category to score points. Currently, there is an issue with the scoring system where this isn’t yet taken into account, so please race fair by using the correct category.

What Bike Do I Use?

For non-TT races, you can use any bike except for TT bikes. For TT races, you will need to select a TT frame. Whilst you can race without a TT frame, you will not be able to draft off other riders. Given that TT frames will generally be the fastest options available, it is recommended to choose one. You can learn more about TT bikes at Zwift Insider.


Women found using a shared account will be disqualified, as we cannot verify which category you should be racing in.

Women using zPower for racing or women without a heart rate monitor will be ineligible for podiums, and will receive a time penalty to place them lower in results.

Switching Teams

If you switch teams mid-league, points accrued for your previous team will remain with that team. Points accrued whilst racing with your new team will go to that team for the remaining races.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About Results?

Please use Facebook’s messaging feature on our Facebook Page.

Can I Race Both Times?

Yes you can! For individual points, we will take your best point scoring finish of the two races. For teams points, we will add both results to the team total.

I Heard There Are Prizes

Yes! Our partners at Primal Europe are giving away £10 for one lucky winner in each grade. You must complete four rounds to be eligible to win. Winners will be drawn at random from each grade.