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Thunder Bolt Stage Race: December 2019

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Welcome to the Five Day Thunder Bolt Stage Race, running from December 8th to December 12th. The stage race uses a time-based General Classification, as well as having a sprinter and climber classification. The sprinter and climber classifications will award the first 6 of each grade points (10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1) for all sprint and KOM segments in each race.

Racers will need to complete the prolog, and at least four of the five stages in either the European (18:30 UTC) or North American (01:30 UTC) timezones to be included in the classifications. Failure to complete the prolog, and four of the five stages will result in removal from the classifications. If you do miss one of the five stages, you will be given the time of the last place finisher in your category.

The only exception to the above is the Prolog, where you can complete in any timezone. The prolog is a short individual time trial used to seed the general classification.

Stages 1 & 5 are the only stages using powerups. You will always receive a powerup at every arch, with 25% chance of the Ghost, Burrito, Aero, and Draft; The XP powerups have been disabled in these stages. Races will be using standard draft.

If we get enough women racing, we will also do a separate women’s classification. This will require a minimum of 5 women completing the stage race in a given grade. If we provide a women’s classification, women will still be included in the overall classifications.

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  1. 4.0W/kg and OVER
  2. 3.2W/kg up to 4.0W/kg
  3. 2.5W/kg up to 3.2W/kg
  4. UNDER 2.5W/kg