Bolt Race Team

Racing Leagues:

The Bolt Race Team has developed multiple virtual events on Zwift in which we invite every racer from the Zwift community to participate in. Our events cater for the majority of Zwift racers who seek performance increases, virtual recognition, and IRL race substitution on a consistent base.

Current Event Types

Results matter in one form or another, so at our results hub we apply certain rules to certain races to try and eliminate the anomalies and participant frustrations. Please read the race descriptions in the event modules to ensure you are racing in the correct category. Riders will be automatically upgraded, and our categories do not always align with ZwiftPower.

General Rules for All Leagues

Who We Are

The Bolt Race Team is run by Jessica Hamilton, with the admin support of Angela MacRae, Cassie Webster, Laura Mitchell, Melissa McGovern, and Sue Watson.